Patient: I don’t need to change.

Cameron: I know you think that. But your life could be better.

Patient: You–you–you’d have choices.

House: He’s lying.

Cameron: About what?

House: About everything. About his life. He doesn’t even think he’s happy here. He’s miserable.

Patient: I’ve got everything I need.

House: Yeah? Well, then why did Taub find rose petals in your entry hallway? Struck me as a little weird. Thought it might be medically relevant. But it actually just told me that you were pathetic. The day you crashed in your entry way… was your girlfriend’s birthday. You weren’t there for the mail. You were trying to go lay flowers on her grave. Yeah, he’s got PTSD. Yeah, he’s agoraphobic. He’s also a coward. You want to change your life, do something. Don’t believe your own rationalizations. Don’t lock yourself up, pretend you’re happy.